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Command Center Tablet

FAQs for RVi Command Center Tablet

Command Center Tablet - General

A. The Command Center tablet has a battery life of up to 2-3 hours. A. The Command Center has unlimited product expansion. As new "Works with Command Center" products hit the market, then you simply connect them to your Command Center. A. Command Cen

Command Center Tablet - Compatibility

A. This means that your product can be paired to and operated by the Command Center tablet and hub. A. No, we currently don't have a standalone app that can be downloaded on third-party devices. You'll need to use the Command Center Tablet to monitor

Command Center Tablet - Troubleshooting

Q. Why does my tablet die even though it's plugged in and charging?. A. If you are using the RVi charger and USB cable, and the power source isn't keeping up with the power demand, this typically means that the outlet you are using is not providing e