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RVibrake Shadow

Frequently Asked Questions about RVibrake Shadow

What Is RVibrake Shadow?

A. RVibrake Shadow is the easiest-to-install fully installed braking system on the market. The law requires that a tow vehicle have a braking system when RV towing a car with a Tow Bar or A-Frame system. Most installed braking systems rely on antiqua

What Comes With RVibrake Shadow?

A. Every RVibrake Shadow system comes with all the components required to install the braking system, as well as a wired Breakaway System. Shadow also has a built-in battery charger, which eliminates the need for an additional product to charge the b

Is RVibrake Shadow Required?

A. For safety and it is required by law (throughout most of North America). SafetyMany people are towing a car behind their motorhomes with Tow Bars or A-Frames. A towed vehicle becomes "dead weight" behind a motorhome and will push on the coach as i

RVibrake Shadow Compatibility, Fit, & Physical Design

A. RVibrake Shadow will fit in most vehicles - however, you'll want to take a look under your hood so that you can assess whether you have space for the various components. We do have a 3D viewer on our website where you can view the Shadow and Boost

RVibrake Shadow Engineered Design

A.  Shadow is an inertia-activated system designed to detect brakings. This allows Shadow to take the weight of the towed vehicle off your motorhome every time it activates. The on/off switch for Shadow is charging voltage coming from your 6 or 7 pin

RVibrake Shadow Troubleshooting

A.  Error Codes are designed to tell us exactly what's going on with your RVibrake Shadow when something goes wrong. Some of them are easily resolved in the field by resetting the Shadow Box, but there are a few that require a component to be sent in

Is RVibrake Shadow Compatible With Electric/Hybrid Vehicles (like Jeep Wrangler 4xe)

A. Yes, Shadow is fully compatible with any hybrid or electric vehicle! For most vehicles, you have to tap into your vacuum line in order to install Shadow - however, most hybrid/electric vehicles do not have a vacuum line. Due to this, you'll simply