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FAQs for RVibrake3

What is RVibrake3?

A. RVibrake3 is the smallest, easiest to use, portable auxiliary braking system available. The law requires that a tow vehicle have a braking system when RV towing a car with a Tow Bar or A-Frame system. Unlike other portable braking systems, RVibrak

What Comes With RVibrake3?

A. Every RVibrake3 system comes with the brake itself, a universal Phantom Bracket, and a wired Breakaway System. Additionally, you have the option to purchase the brake with or without our Command Center Kit (which is how you monitor the system or c

Is RVibrake3 Required?

A. For safety and it is required by law (throughout most of North America). SafetyMany people are towing a car behind their motorhomes with Tow Bars or A-Frames. A towed vehicle becomes "dead weight" behind a motorhome and will push on the coach as i

RVibrake3 Fit in Your Towed Vehicle & Physical Design

A. Yes, RVibrake3 fits in all vehicles. 90% of all vehicles have a rise in the floorboard that RVibrake pushes up against. There are another 5% that require the Phantom Bracket Universal Stop Plate (Phantom Bracket included in RVibrake System). Then

RVibrake3 Setup

A. Setup and removal can both be done in about 30 seconds. Setup does need to be done daily, as anytime you stop overnight, you'll need to unplug RVibrake3. You'll also want to unplug and re-setup the brake anytime you start the ignition of your towe

RVibrake3 Engineered Design

A.  RVibrake3 is an inertia-activated system designed to detect brakings. This allows RVibrake3 to take the weight of the towed vehicle off your motorhome every time it activates. A.  Not a problem. RVibrake3's Audio Assistant will alarm immediately

RVibrake3 Troubleshooting

A.  Error Codes are designed to tell us exactly what's going on with your RVibrake3 when something goes wrong. Most of them are very easily resolved in the field, but there are a few that require a brake to be sent into us for a repair. For a full ex

Is RVibrake3 Compatible With Electric/Hybrid Vehicles (like the Jeep Wrangler 4xe)?

A. Yes, RVibrake3 is fully compatible with any hybrid or electric vehicle! Because most of these cars utilize 'Active' brakes instead a vacuum system, you'll simply need to make sure to set your RVibrake3 to the 'Active' mode on your Command Center T