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Tire Patrol

FAQs for RVi Tire Patrol

Why Tire Patrol?

A. There is nothing worse than getting a slow leak or a flat tire on your towed vehicle and not knowing it. If your towed vehicle gets a blowout, serious damage can be done to the tire and wheel, especially if nothing is being reported.

How does Tire Patrol work?

A. Initial pairing depends on the number of sensors, but each sensor starts transmitting and pairing as soon as it's threaded on. A. Yes! After the Command Center is turned back on, the sensors will begin to re-connect. Re-connection is usually estab

Tire Patrol Compatibility

A. No, sensors made by your towed vehicle manufacturer only communicate with the on-board computer in the vehicle. If you want to monitor your tire pressure sensors from your coach using the Command Center, then you would need the the Tire Patrol. A.

Tire Patrol Maintenance

A. No, the batteries are not self-replaceable. In an effort to prolong the life of the sensors,  they are permanently sealed to keep out water and prevent corrosion. Tire Patrol batteries should last around one year if you thread them on and never ta

Tire Patrol Setup

A.  Pairing is simple:. A. For fastest pairing, bring the Command Center hub with you as you thread on each sensor during the pairing sequence.

Tire Patrol Troubleshooting

A.  All of these - whether you're seeing a gray/yellow/red box or a question mark - communicate that the Hub hasn't seen a signal from that tire in a certain amount of time. If you've been parked for longer than about 15 minutes, then this is complet

Can sensors leak or split apart?

Our sensors are sonic welded shut and can withstand close to 1,000 PSI of internal pressure when the o-ring protecting the circuit board is intact, so, from a design standpoint, it's not possible for sensors to leak or split on their own. However, wh