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Towed Battery Charger +

FAQs for RVi Towed Battery Charger +

Why Towed Battery Charger +?

A. There are not many things worse than a dead towed battery. Many towed vehicles today have a large current draw on the battery when towing. The Towed Battery Charger + will prevent unseen parasitic loss on your towed vehicle's battery, while provid

How does Towed Battery Charger + work?

A. The Towed Battery Charger is specifically designed to work a 6-pin connector on the towed. A 6-pin umbilical has the 4 pins you need for the light system, as well as a pin for electric brakes and a 12V hot pin. When the Towed Battery Charger is in

Towed Battery Charger + Troubleshooting

A. PLEASE NOTE: The Towed Battery Charger Plus is not compatible with the Chevy Equinox from 2019-present. We recommend a charger made by Victron Energy (not associated with RVi in any way) that can supply up to 20A and has the ability to keep up wit

How to pair TBC+

NOTE: Pairing is not required for TBC+ to perform. 1) Power on the Command Center tablet and hub. To power the tablet, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. To power the hub connect it to the provided USB charger or press the power button. N